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God at Work in Biloxi

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  • 2005 Dec 07

6:06 PM On Monday we delivered 200 copies of Why Did This Happen to Me? toa  team from Pontiac (IL) Bible Church heading to Biloxi to do Hurricane Katrina relief work. The following report comes from Pastor Brian Bill's blog:




I'm writing this from the Trinity Bible Church office while the rest of the team is finishing up some roofing and one other team member is doing some electrical work for an unchurched woman.

I don't have the time to mention much at this point but did want to share this story. Yesterday our team gave this woman a copy of the book by Ray Pritchard called "Why Did This Happen to Me?" She immediately started crying. I met with her today and found out that her 16-year-old son is living in Indiana while she gets the house ready. She's hoping to have him come home by Christmas. We're going to go over to her house tomorrow to do some drywall work.

She told me that she started reading this book last night using the only light she had and wept through the first chapter. I was able to tell her that God loves her and wants her to completely surrender to Him. She agreed.

After taking the pastor and his wife out for lunch today, Beth and I saw things that literally left us speechless. It looks like a bomb went off in many neighborhoods. Other homes that are still standing are uninhabitible.




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