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"God Speaks Today" Postcard

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  • 2004 Aug 16

Last Thursday I mentioned the new sermon series that starts in four weeks called God Speaks Today. It is based on the premise that in the debate over marriage, the family, moral purity, same-sex marriage, the hope for lasting change, and the nature of true, the church has but one contribution to make. Others may quote the latest poll results, legal opinions, or sociological trends, but it is given to the church of Jesus Christ to declare, "This is what God says." One of my first entries on this weblog was called Every Church Must Take a Stand on Gay Marriage. Chuck Colson has established the National Preaching Initiative, asking pastors across America to preach on marriage and the family during September and October. At Calvary Memorial Church, we have taken the following steps:

1) Sent a mailing to local pastors inviting them to come to a free breakfast to discuss how our churches can respond, and to spend time praying together.

2) Yesterday we gave away hundreds of copies of Erwin Lutzer's book, The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage, to families in our congregation.

3) This week we're sending a mailing to every family at Calvary with complete information about the upcoming sermon series.

4) In a few days we're mailing a postcard to every home and business in the three communities surrounding our church--Oak Park, River Forest, and Forest Park--40,000 in all. We'll supplement this will a banner in front of our church and newspaper ads. Our general philosophy has been: We want to be as bold for the truth as people on the other side are for what they believe.


Here are pictures of the 4" x 6" postcard we are sending out:





Stay tuned for further details on the "God Speaks Today" series in the days ahead.


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