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God's Multicultural Church

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  • 2007 May 13

We have just posted a new sermon on the Keep Believing website called God’s Multicultural Church. Here’s an excerpt:

"We have some young friends in their early 20s who serve as pioneer missionaries to an unreached people group on the other side of the world. When I say “unreached,” I mean that in the literal sense. They are so far away from America that it takes nine separate plane flights to reach a certain remote town in the jungle thousands of miles from where they were born. Once you reach that remote town, you take overland transportation up into the mountains and then walk into the jungle. They have gone to the literal “ends of the earth” to bring the gospel to a tribe that knows nothing about Jesus. They have devoted themselves to learning the language, reducing it to writing, translating the New Testament, and someday learning to preach the Good News in that language. They are doing this for the sake of 500 tribal people somewhere on the far side of the earth. Before this young couple found “their tribe,” the people of that area had never heard about Jesus. No one had ever come to them with the gospel. Because the tribe is pre-literate, the young couple first had to learn the language, then they had to reduce it to writing, then they had to begin the long process of translating Bible stories into the language of the people.

"Within the last few months, they completed the translation of the first few chapters of Genesis. As they told the story of creation to their tribal helper, he became very excited. When they spoke of Adam and Eve, he nodded his head because it made sense that God started with just one man and one woman. When they told about how the serpent had tricked Eve into eating the fruit and how Adam ate it also, he was sad. When he heard about the severe penalty for sin, he understood the message. And when he heard about Cain killing Abel, he nodded in agreement because the men of his tribe killed each other also. Finally he said, “I know there must be a Redeemer. There must be someone who can help us. Tell me. What is his name?” That’s the question of the ages. The world needs a Redeemer, and we know his name. There is hope in the name of Jesus. He is the light of the world and the Savior of all who trust in him."

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