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Good News From China

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  • 2007 Feb 26

Anthony Bollback has posted the latest edition of China Clippings. Anthony and his wife Evelyn served as missionaries in China in the 1940s, leaving just before Communist forces took the city where they lived. When Marlene and I were at Word of Life Florida several weeks ago, we had the privilege of eating lunch with Anthony and Evelyn Bollback and with Harry and Millie Bollback. Harry served with the Marines in China in late 1945 and told amazing stories of how millions of Chinese greeted the Marines as liberators. Anthony and Evelyn went to China as missionaries with the Christian and Missionary Alliance several years later. Marlene and I felt honored to be with these great servants of God.



A few weeks ago I received an email from a Christian in southern China who purchased a copy of the Chinese version of the ABCs of Wisdom and wrote to thank me. I wrote him back to encourage him, and a few days ago he wrote me again. Here is part of what he wrote:

"What's the meaning of Life? I think believing in Jesus Christ and live and work according to His will. Do you think it? I have found  people in the whole life go to school, work, earning money, marry and retirement. It seems the life is very simple and calm. How do we spend the life which is full of happiness, joys and meaning? When my friends and I talk about the life, I only give the answer--believing in Jesus Christ. But I cannot give any further explanation."

It's exciting to be part of what God is doing in China today. Keep Believing Ministries provides resources to help Christians around the world stand firm in Jesus Christ. God bless this brother who stands for Christ even when his words must be few.

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