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Happy Labor Day!

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  • 2007 Sep 03

This morning Marlene and I celebrated Labor Day by painting one wall in our living room. When we bought our home in June, we discovered that the previous owner had hung a very heavy picture on one of the walls using anchor bolts that left two big holes. So this morning we borrowed Linda Hale’s pickup truck and two of her ladders, then we found the drop cloths, moved the furniture, and went to work. After two coats the wall looks like new, and we ended up having a great time working together. Marlene remarked that this was probably the first time I’ve done any painting in maybe 25 years, which is basically true. She also remembered that the last time I tried to do any painting, I forgot to put down a drop cloth and the results were somewhat disastrous. She is very neat and careful when she paints, and I am more of a free spirit. I got a little paint (not much) on my t-shirt from Mike Ditka’s Restaurant in Chicago. The wall looks a lot better, and now we can finish decorating the living room.

Mark and Vanessa came over a little while ago and then left to run an errand. Marlene and I are going to return the pickup and the ladders to Linda. Then we’re all going to Los Potrillos restaurant for dinner.

Meanwhile here are three unusual items I have run across lately:

The World’s Ugliest Cars

The results of a recent survey by Business Week magazine. I agree on most of them, except that I always sort of liked the Edsel. Never cared for the Gremlin. Agree that the Pacer is ugly. I have a soft spot for the Pinto since that was our first car when we got married in 1974.


This website lists the longest in a variety of categories. Did you know that the Cambodian language has the longest alphabet in the world (74 letters)? The longest bicycle ever built measured 84 feet, 11 inches.

Greatest High School Football Comeback Ever

Dallas, Texas. 1994. State High School football playoffs. 2:42 left in the game. Plano East was down 41-17 to John Tyler. All hope was lost… the game was over. Plano East fans had left the stadium and were on their way home. There was no hope of winning. But the game wasn’t over yet.

Ron Ethridge tipped me off to this amazing video. If you are a football fan, check it out. And be sure to watch it all the way to the end. It’s a good reminder never to give up because you never know what might happen.

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