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How to Pray for a Friend

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
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  • 2010 Dec 29

A few days ago we received an email from a friend who said she was praying for us. I was so struck by what our friend wrote that I thought I would share it with you:

What do I wish for you in this coming year? What DON'T I wish for you? I would pray that, most of all God would keep you focused on Him and His plan for your life and the ministry. I pray for a hedge around you both, to protect you from any health issues that might impair you regarding the ministry. I would pray that you be fed spiritually from many sources.....because then you can better serve the Lord. I pray for fun, loving times with each other and your family.....always laugh, then it won't be quite as bad when you cry. I pray that your focus will always be to give, but to also receive from others. I pray that each of you would be open to learning new ways to serve our Lord.  

My prayer is that God will be in every endeavor that you pursue in the coming year. I want to say again, how much I count on your prayers for me and my family and health.  I count on it. And, in the same way, you can count on me.  (a funny little story, to close......my granddaughter and I were talking over some things and I told her that she could always "count on me" to support her with my love and prayers....and she said, "you're the "count on" grandma.....some one I can count on.")

I pass that along as a good model of how to pray for your friends in the coming year:

*Pray for a Kingdom focus.
*Pray for good health-physical and spiritual.
*Pray for spiritual growth.
*Pray for a strong marriage.
*Pray for a happy, joy-filled family.
*Pray for time to enjoy life fully.
*Pray for a heart that both gives and receives.
*Pray for openness to the Lord's leading.

That's pretty comprehensive, isn't it?

I love the part about being a "count on" grandmother. That's a worthy goal for 2011, that we should become "count on" friends who pray for others who count on our prayers for them. 

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