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KBM and the Internet

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  • 2006 Dec 13

Last month I wrote about how the Internet is changing ministry. This week I received two emails that illustrate the point:

1) From Malaysia

"Dr Pritchard, I wish to request for your permission to print 2 of your articles for our church bulletin.
1) The Agape Factor (16/11/2006)
2) How To Be A Godly Rebel (8/12/2006)
My church is Lighthouse Charismatic Christian Assembly in Malaysia. We have approximately 200 members. I am in charge of the English church bulletin "Lighthouse News" and every week I print 30 copies of the bulletin for my English-speaking church members. Your kind consideration is much appreciated. God Bless!"

2) From Brazil

I'd like to thank you for your books and your constant work with Keep Believing Ministry. Your books and sermons have been very important to us here in São Paulo, Brazil. I have used your texts and books to teach in my school. I sent your messages to friends of mine in Germany and they liked them as much as I do.

Those emails are not remarkable when you consider all the amazing technological changes going on around us. But they do illustrate that the world is indeed flat and becoming flatter all the time.

During the recent KBM home meetings in Chicago, I talked about four areas that we are emphasizing:

Book Depot
Conference Ministry

Of those four things, the Internet is the heart of all of it. We are an Internet-based ministry. I told the folks at one meeting that we aren't trying to build a large organization. If the Lord wants that, he can make it happen. Already this ministry is partly in Chicago and partly in Mississippi. We have supporters scattered across the country, with friends in many places who love us and pray for us and give to this ministry. We hope to use technology to build a "flat" ministry where people in NY and OH and CA and in Moldova and Uganda and Argentina can volunteer to help KBM.

This week's email sermon will go out to 2980 people. I have pastors in Ghana and Nigeria who write me regularly in response to the sermons. We have Christian leaders in Uganda and Kenya who receive the sermons. And we have friends in the Persion Gulf region who read them. A friend in Singapore forwards the sermons to Christian workers in the Philippines. We have readers in China, Japan, Korea, Nepal, India, Zambia, Scotland, and I don't know how many other countries but it's a lot because we hear from folks across the globe.

No one talked to me about this when I was in seminary 30 years ago. This wasn't possible 20 years ago. It was just beginning to be possible ten years ago.

And at those home meetings, we did a live video hookup (using Skype) with Mark in China. It was like watching a Fox News correspondent, only Mark was reporting just for us from the other side of the world.

We live in amazing times. The Internet is here to stay, and because of it, and all the technologies that flow from it, ministry has changed forever.

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