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Late Saturday Notes

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  • 2004 Aug 21

1) Someone asked me to recommend a good book about heaven. Heaven: My Father's House by Anne Graham Lotz not only describes heaven, it makes you want to go there.

2) Someone who read my comments yesterday about grits writes wants to send that entry to his father-in-law: "I too, spent most of my formative years in Alabama (Auburn/Opelika, Montgomery), though I'm a Texan.  My f-i-l likes to make a big deal of being a real southern bred country boy.  He doesn't, however, like grits - which makes me believe (and tell him) he's just a poser.  We've often traveled on vacations together, and whenever we eat out for breakfast, I make it a point to order grits, and he usually makes it point to tell the waitress I'm not 'one of them.'  Thanks for the grin!

Kevin - a true Son of the South!"

3) Which reminds me that last night some friends who had read my comments about grits came over for dinner. One man said he wanted to bring me a Moon Pie but couldn't find them anywhere. The other guests had never heard of Moon Pies, which is sad because they are a true delicacy. Marlene tried to explain what they are, but it didn't work. The Moon Pie is like grits--better experienced than explained. Did you know you can order Moon Pies online?

4) Speaking of Marlene, we were not yet married thirty years ago tonight. Our rehearsal was on Tuesday night, and our wedding was Thursday night because the church had prayer meeting on Wednesday night. So that was a "free day" for us.  Marlene and I were talking about it, and we both agreed that we can't remember much about that day except that it was filled with last-minute details. That night my family went to Pinnacle Peak cowboy steakhouse in Scottsdale. There was a small stage, a Western band, and a dance floor. One of my brothers asked the band to play "Hey, Good Lookin' Whatcha Got Cookin'" by Hank Williams. They did, and they dedicated it to "Ray and Marlene who are getting married tomorrow night." Three decades have come and gone and I still think that's one of the best memories from my wedding week.

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