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Lie Low and Exalt Christ

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  • 2008 Jul 02
This week I am speaking at Word of Life in Schroon Lake, New York. After the service on Monday evening, we attended a get-together at the home of Wayne & Ruthie Lewis. Near the end Wayne asked Don Lough to share his vision for the future of Word of Life. In three years Don will become the new Executive Director of the worldwide ministry of Word of Life. During his talk Don shared that when he was named to succeed Joe Jordan, he received a nice letter from Dr. Howard Hendricks of Dallas Theological Seminary. After congratulating him on the new position, Prof Hendricks added this sentence at the bottom of his letter:

"Lie low and exalt Christ."

That sentence stands as a powerful admonition for every pastor and every Christian leader. It is great advice because it describes two choices. You can exalt yourself or you can exalt Christ, but you can’t do both. When we decide to lie low and exalt Christ, there is no limit to what the Lord may choose to do through us.

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