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  • 2004 Nov 18

One more time--conservative, church-going voters made the difference in this election. They are the reason George Bush was reelected. Read this article by George Barna and see for yourself. He points out that born again voters voted for Bush over Kerry and non-born again voters voted for Kerry over Bush by almost exactly the same margins. The difference: turnout. Born again voters came out in larger numbers and that's why the president was reelected.


Other significant insights:


85% of evangelicals voted for President Bush.

50% of Catholics voted for President Bush.

45% of Hispanics voted for President Bush.

60% of voters under 30 voted for John Kerry.


Why did born again voters go so heavily for Bush? 

Upon examining their reasons for doing so, it is clear that they were more interested in the character of the candidate and the worldview that forms the basis of his decision-making than they were in specific issues. In fact, relatively few voters seemed to be driven by issues, regardless of which candidate they embraced. This election was more of a statement about people’s feelings toward George W. Bush as a leader and as a person than it was about a particular issue.


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