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Mary's Problem

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
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  • 2004 Dec 22

A young girl has turned up pregnant. She is in her mid-teens, she is not married, and she comes from a poor family. To make matters worse, she is a member of a subjugated minority, one that deals harshly with sex out of wedlock. If her pregnancy becomes known, she risks the rejection of those closest to her. She might face death at the hands of an angry mob.

She is not eligible for welfare and is afraid to let her secret be widely known. Perhaps in a pathetic response to her painful dilemma, she has apparently begun to hallucinate and imagines that supernatural forces are responsible for her pregnancy. Her engaged boyfriend leans about the pregnancy and gets upset. He is not the father. He privately decides to break the engagement. Perhaps a psychiatrist might diagnose that she has been raped and is suppressing the trauma by a psychotic reaction.


Would abortion be the solution? What would you tell her to do? If you advise abortion, you would have killed Jesus Christ.

We do well remember in this Christmas season that Mary was pregnant under strange and suspicious circumstances. Certainly many people did not believe her story. Even Joseph did not understand at first. Mary was pregnant in a bad situation, the kind that routinely ends in abortion today.

We should be glad Mary and Joseph didn’t live in 2004. They might have been forced to kill Jesus.

Every abortion is a symbolic killing of the Christ child.

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