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Men As Trees Walking

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  • 2007 Oct 07

We have justed a new sermon on the Keep Believing website: Men As Trees Walking. Here’s an excerpt:

"We don’t get all better at the same rate or in the same way.This is a good word for all of us who are praying for our loved ones who are away from the Lord. How often have we done what these neighbors and friends did for this blind man? They brought him to Jesus and said, “Lord, please help him.” And in our prayers we do the same for our prodigals who are in the far country. We cry out on behalf of those who today walk in spiritual blindness and we ask the Lord to open their eyes and help them to see. It is good that we should do this because it humbles us and causes us to say, “Lord, unless you help them, they will not be helped. Unless you work, nothing will ever change.” But sometimes (often, in fact) the change we seek comes very slowly. For every man who is suddenly, radically, completely transformed, it seems that there many more who must grow in Christ slowly, through stages, and whose spiritual vision starts off cloudy and only slowly gets better. To say that is not to give in to pessimism but to realize that it is for our benefit to get better gradually. Spectacular healings always amaze us—and thank God they do happen (I would be a fool to say they didn’t)—yet we must realize that God often chooses to heal by what might be called ordinary means."

You can reach the author at ray@keepbelieving.com. Click here to sign up for the free weekly email sermon.

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