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Monday Night Scattershooting

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  • 2005 Oct 24

A Monday night shout-out to Matt Schantz in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, Robert Parmer in Russellville, Alabama, Steve Sanford at Silver Birch Ranch, Michael Craven in Addison, Texas, Lyle and Patty Saunders, Renee Ness, Sharon Lund and Al Crespo.

How 'bout those White Sox?

I plan to resume the weekly sermon emails this week, perhaps by tomorrow afternoon if all goes well.

My brother Andy called tonight and wanted to know if we had had squirrel stew or sweet potato pie yet. No, but this afternoon I met a young man in a pickup truck who was bow-hunting deer on the other side of the lake. He said the field next to the conference center was "full of deer." Evidently there are lots of wild turkeys also. Bow-hunting deer season opened on October 1 and ends shortly before Thanksgiving, followed by rifle season until early in January. I think almost everyone in Mississippi goes hunting. That's quite a change from Oak Park.

Rick Suddith and David Steinhart (in AL and IL respectively) want to know how we're doing. The answer is, so far, so good. We're so far out in the country that it takes 30 minutes to go from the cabin to Tupelo. Marlene and I made the trip this morning and forgot to bring our cell phone, an important point because reception at the cabin isn't very good. Hard to believe that a week ago tonight, we were spending our last night in Oak Park.


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