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New Podcast--Asymmetric Spiritual Warfare

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  • 2008 Sep 11
Earlier today we posted a brand-new podcast called Asymmetric Spiritual Warfare. It seems appropriate that this podcast should come on 9/11 because the treacherous attack that occurred seven years ago is the classic modern example of asymmetric warfare. Although the War on Terror didn’t start that day, our understanding of it changed forever as the Twin Towers fell, the Pentagon was attacked, and United 93 crashed in Pennsylvania. There is a spiritual dimension to terrorism that we in the West have not fully appreciated. I find it very helpful to think of Satan as the Ultimate Terrorist. He doesn’t fight fair, he doesn’t play by the rules, and he attacks us when we least expect it.

I gave the message on this podcast at Word of Life Florida in March 2006. You’ll hear me refer to several contemporary events that date from that period. What started with this message became a whole series on  spiritual warfare in an age of terror. Out of those messages came (in May 2007) a book called Stealth Attack: Protecting Yourself Against Satan’s Plan to Destroy Your Life. This message forms the heart of Chapter 1. We later added a free downloadable study guide.

And from that book came the invitation to speak at the Pentagon Prayer Breakfast on September 24. I’ll have more to say about this unique opportunity next week. In the meantime, I hope you’ll check out the podcast. 

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