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Not a Tame World

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  • 2009 Jul 30

My mind has repeatedly gone back to a song I heard during our week at the youth camp in Florida. One night just before I spoke a young woman sang a song that had been written by one of the worship leaders. I don’t remember much about it except that she had a good voice, she sang in a bluesy style, and the last line of each verse ended with an unusual refrain:

“This is not a tame world.”

Maybe that’s not even exactly what she sang but it’s close. I know I heard the phrase “not a tame world” several times. And I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Perhaps it is because of some things weighing on my heart . . .

A friend whose five-year-old son died in a tragic accident.
A pastor friend diagnosed with colon cancer.
Another friend fighting cancer.
A baby born with health issues.

And I have talked with so many people recently facing difficulties. A man today told me he lost his job. I met a young man who has lost his faith altogether. Marlene talked with a friend whose son is adrift spiritually. 

So every day I’ve been pondering and praying about it as I pray for my friends. 

This is not a tame world. Not at all.
But it is not a bad world.
This afternoon Schroon Lake looked like a picture postcard.

Harry Bollback spoke earlier this week and commented that in his mid-80s he feels like he has more friends in heaven than he does on earth. But he was smiling and happy as he gave his message.

I can only conclude that we should enjoy life but not take it for granted. It feels like an Ecclesiastes observation to me. Enjoy the life God has given because you won’t be here forever. 

We’ve got to help each other out, pray for each other, and encourage each other. We’re on a journey together through this beautiful but sometimes dangerous and always unpredictable world. I see more clearly now than I did a few years ago how much we need each other and how hard it can be to keep believing sometimes.

This is not a tame world, but it’s the only world we’ve been given.
Do not take lightly a single day.
Enjoy the journey.
And help a fellow pilgrim along the way.

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