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On the Road Again

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
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  • 2005 Oct 18

Well, it’s almost time to leave. The truck is packed, the TV is packed, and soon the computer will be put away. In fact, this is the final email I am writing from Oak Park. Our home is so empty now that the rooms echo when I walk through them. This home is about to become a house again and in a day or two someone else will own it. In six hours we leave for Mississippi.


Meanwhile I’m standing in our kitchen as I write this email, mostly because it’s late and every table has been packed so the computer is perched on our stove. We started four weeks ago with a long list of things to do and now almost everything on the list has been done. 

People have asked me several times lately how I feel about our move.  Funny how your feelings change. This morning I woke feeling very sad about leaving this place and these people. But as the clock strikes midnight (at this very instant), I realize that by sundown tonight, we’ll be 625 miles away from here, and the next chapter of life will begin to unfold. Marlene and I have a few vague thoughts about what that chapter will look like, but every chapter so far has turned out different from what we expected. So we’re moving forward, believing this is what we need to do.




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