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  • 2008 Oct 30
You know it must be a momentous occasion when James Dobson and the New York Times agree on anything. On moral and political issues, they disagree almost completely, but on one major point they are united. This is a turning point election in American history. In its endorsement of Barack Obama, the New York Times says that “this year the nation’s future truly hangs in the balance.” And James Dobson, writing in favor of John McCain (pdf), says that this election is about “the future of the nation."

I agree 100%.

All week long I’ve been thinking about what I should say. I thought about giving a long statement about various issues, but somehow that didn’t seem like the right thing to do. Late this afternoon I remembered that in November 2000, just before the national elections that year, I wrote a sermon addressing what seemed to me to be the greatest issue of all. After going back and looking at it, I slightly edited it and added a few new links. Other than that, it is the same sermon I gave eight years ago. I decided to post it with a 2008 date because I still believe today what I wrote back then.

The sermon is called Choose Life!

I can’t tell you how to vote, but I do want to set forth what is for me the central issue in this election. It’s not the economy and it’s not national security, important as those two issues are.

Dante said, “The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis maintain their neutrality.”

You’ll have to make up your mind how to vote next Tuesday. I’m writing this so you’ll know where I stand. 

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