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  • 2005 Oct 27

9:53 AM This morning we ventured out to the Super Wal-Mart and then to the Barnes Crossing shopping mall on the north side of Tupelo. Compared to the malls in Chicago, Barnes Crossing was almost empty. I got a haircut, Marlene did some shopping, and then we ate lunch at Chick-fil-A, makers of the best chicken sandwich in the world.

9:51 PM John Armstrong explains why you'll never find the perfect church.

9:48 PM Coming tomorrow: the first photos from Mississippi!

9:43 PM Kudos to Brian Bill for the following key links:


1) Here are twenty questions that will help you share your faith in a natural way.

2) A recent CBS News poll reveals that most Americans reject evolution and believe they were created by God.
3) Brian wrote an article for his local paper (in Pontiac, IL) called Are You Ready for His Return?

9:40 PM Check out Dave Burchett's brand-new weblog.

9:39 PM Ozzie for president!

9:39 PM 2106 miles.

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