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Peanuts, RC Cola, Cheese Straws and Nanner Puddin'

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
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  • 2005 Mar 19

I have received several very helpful responses from readers who understand high cuisine better than I do.

From Tom Gahagan in Thomaston Georgia:

No self respecting southerner would put peanuts in a RC cola. We all know that RC cola's can only be combined with moon pies! (tongue planted firmly in cheek!) We do however, put them in our Coke. If you don't understand the difference between a RC and a Coke then we need to do some serious educational work with you.  :)


From Phil Kellerman:

Having grown up in the north (Punxsutawney PA) and now living in Nashville I didn't think much about peanuts in the RC because I used to put peanuts in my Pepsi. The south doesn't have a corner on the practice. :)

From Rick Suddith in Russellville, AL:

I am not sure where the idea originated but I feel sure it had some thing with freeing up one hand to do something else. It would be hard to drive a car, hold a coke, and hold a bag of peanuts, so if I had to guess where the idea came from I would vote for convience.  One thing I remember about doing that was we always used "Tom's" brand of peanuts and it could be a "Coke" or a Pepsi, or a RC. It gives the drink a pleasant salty taste with a little foam on the top.  Everyone needs to try it one time, cause you might like it. On the matter of cheese straws, the best ones I know of come from the home of Beth McIntosh, a member of our church, and which no "church function" would be right without them. Beth makes her's with a pinch of cayene pepper that gives them a nice bite, but not so much to make your nose run, which can be a problem at "church functions". To make them, you make a batter much like a cake mix and then they are piped through a pipping bag on to a cookie sheet using a decorative tip to make them look fancy. I highly recomend em. . . . Like my friend Hootie Crittenden says, "a man can get too much nanner puddin" but I really don't believe that do you?

I agree with all my readers but I especially agree on the last point. You can never have too much "nanner puddin." My wife uses a recipe that she got from my sister-in-law Betty Pritchard who lives in Florence, AL. It features all the usual stuff, including vanilla wafers plus the secret ingredient--crumbled up Heath Bars. It's really quite incredible and has helped make me the man I am today.

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