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Piper on Christ's Suffering and God's Sovereignty

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  • 2005 Oct 13

9:11 AM Check out John Piper's sermon on The Suffering of Christ and the Sovereignty of God. Here is evangelical preaching at its best--deeply biblical, clear, grounded in good theology, and aimed at the heart. We all struggle with the suffering we see around us, and the suffering we and our loved ones encounter. Why does a gracious God permit such suffering when he has the power to stop it? Piper goes to the heart of the Christian response by pointing us to the suffering of Christ on the cross. If God ordained such suffering for his own Son, how can we expect to escape it? The death of Christ was not some afterthought in God's plan. It is the very meaning of history itself.


In conceiving a universe in which to display the glory of his grace, God did not choose plan b. This was the moment—Good Friday—for which everything in the universe was planned. There could be no greater display of the glory of the grace of God than what happened at Calvary. Everything leading to it and everything flowing from it is explained by it, including all the suffering in the world.

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