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Prayer for a Marriage on the Brink

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
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  • 2008 Dec 04

A few days ago I received the sad news of the impending divorce of some friends we have known for many years. Because we haven’t seen them in a long time, we didn’t have a hint of any trouble in their marriage. The crisis seemed to come out of nowhere. Understandably, family members are struggling with the news and trying to help any way they can. Beyond that I really don’t know any details. But when I was asked to offer a prayer for them, this is the prayer that came to my heart.

O Lord, in your wisdom you gave marriage as a gift to the human race. You knew that we needed each other, that it would be good and we would be blessed if we joined together, man and woman, in Christian marriage. And so, Lord, we know that the marriage that you gave to this man and this woman was no mistake but was a gift from heaven. And now here comes Satan, the Destroyer, to tear down what you established and blessed for many years.

O Lord, do something big. Do something strong. Raise your mighty arm and push Satan away. I pray that _________’s will soften, that his eyes will open, that he will think hard about what he is about to give up. Lord, grant ____________ faith and patience and hope. And for the children, protect them by your Holy Spirit. Keep them safe in your loving arms. Watch over them in these scary days.

Please, Lord, work some miracle in this marriage that it might be saved. Bring about repentance and deep heart change and healing and a new beginning. We cannot do any of these things, but you can do them all because you are the Most High God and you hold every heart in your hand. We trust in you.

Increase our faith. Increase our love. Give us strength to keep believing. Deliver us, Lord, from evil and from the Evil One. Where sin abounds, grace super-abounds. Now may that be seen in what you do. We pray with confidence because nothing is impossible with you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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