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Prime Time America Interview Today

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  • 2006 Mar 30

7:11 AM I can't explain this either, but I like it.

7:07 PM Special thanks to Steve Boisse for sending me a Monk-e-mail. I can't explain it. Check it out and see for yourself.

6:58 AM Yesterday Christine Stout and Morgan Williams arrived from Oak Park for a visit. They left at 1:30 AM, arriving in Tupelo at 11 AM, none the worse for the overnight journey. Last night we took them to Fire Station # 1 for some excellent barbecue (with cole slaw piled on top of the barbecue), waffle fries, sweet tea and hush puppies. Today I'm taking Morgan for a tour of the property on the ATV.

6:54 AM So I was surprised last night when Katharine was almost voted off of American Idol. Not surprised at all that LIsa didn't make the cut. And glad that my sort of look-alike Taylor Hicks made it easily. I think it will be Taylor or Chris in the end.

6:53 AM I'm doing an interview on Prime Time America today at 5:15 PM Central Time. You can listen online at WMBI.

6:50 AM Good morning. How's the weather where you are? Here in NE Mississippi, it could hardly be nicer. Blue skies, no clouds, bright sunshine, no wind so the surface of the lake is as smooth as glass. The forecast calls for a high temperature of 80 degrees. A perfect day for a bike ride along the Natchez Trace.

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