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  • 2004 Oct 16

1) I asked Marlene a little while ago if she'd like a pork chop sandwich tonight. She made a face. She said she would have liked it better if it had been deep-fried.


2) Scott Mahlstedt adds some insight into the question of RC Cola and Moon Pies:

Pastor Ray -

I read your Crosswalk weblog "Polish Sausage and a Pork Chop Sandwich"

this morning. Your mention of RC Cola, along with the running Moon Pie communications reminded me of a song from the eighties called "RC Cola and a Moon Pie" by NRBQ. I did a little web surfing, and found an MP3 clip of the song. Here is the link:  RC Cola and a Moon Pie by NRBQ.


I also came across some other related stuff you might enjoy. More links:

RC Cola and Moon Pies

Tennessee Town Celebrates RC Cola and Moon Pies

RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival

Is it true that in some parts of the south the Moon Pie is considered the closest man has ever come to producing manna?

Well, in the part of the South I come from, the Moon Pie is manna.


3) A doctoral candidate writes from Florida objecting to my comments about why I will not vote for John Kerry:

As a Christian Theologian I am so saddened by your article.   To say that voting for Kerry would be a sin for you, of course you imply that it would be a sin for your followers.  You have a tremendous amount of influence, as you know, and it was clear that you intended to use that influence.

I have no idea how much influence I have--most days it seems far from tremendous--but whatever it amounts to, I'm happy to use it for causes I believe in. As far as whether or not it would be a sin for anyone else to vote for John Kerry, I'm not the one to make that call. I hope all Americans will take this very election seriously and vote their convictions. For those of my readers who truly believe the Bible, I can only say this. Make sure you vote on November 2. Take your Christian convictions with you into the voting booth.

4) Yesterday my wife spoke with a friend about my conclusion that it would be a sin for me to vote for John Kerry. Her friend's husband has come to a conclusion of his own. He believes it would be a sin for him not to vote on November 2. God bless him, and God bless every American who takes this election that seriously.

As I read the note from the person in Florida, I thought to myself, "This is a great country. We can disagree deeply and profoundly and we both have the right to go to the polls and vote for what we believe in." That's what I plan to do on November 2.

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