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Saturday Shout Out

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  • 2006 May 13

A big Saturday shout out to Bob and Cathy Cosby in Logansport, IN, Jim and Robin Hibschman, Ron and Lillian Gabel, Jeff and Claudia Eaton in River Forest, IL, Chris Koepke of Here's Life Inner City, New York, Eric Garland of WOLBI, Linda Pietrzak of Arlington Heights, IL, David Merriman in San Antonio, TX, Joyce White of Fisty, KY, Bob and Betty Johnsen, Gil Halterman, John and Gaydean Nolte of the Glory to Thee Missionary Boat, Larry and Dona Davidhizar, Pastor Stephen Peeples in Roopville, GA, Justin and Courtney Wallhoff, Carrie Cleaver, John and Mary Raad, Graeme and Carol Kent of SIM, Eric AuCoin, Noel Birkey, Donny and Mary Williams, Rob and Mary Gaskill, Lynnean Celmer, Pastor Gene Balding of Russellville, AL, Dick and Marti Alt, Pastor Mateen Elass, Laura Jahns, Rick and Lynn Suddith, Ken and Martha Aycock of Mobile, AL, J. Bryant VanCronkhite of Wauwatosa WI, Diane Bailey, Vern Peterson of Editorial Patmos, Jerry and Shirley Rose of the Total Living Network, Greg Wheatley, Dan Cornett, Rolf and Sherri Ronstadt, Steve and Mary Rose Zoller, Marge Utigard, Don and Karen Childs, Pastor Tim Badal of Sugar Grove, IL, Dan Allen of Pinebrook Conference Center in PA, Mary Clark., and Annie Goertz on the west coast of Canada.

Special thanks to Tim and Elsa Mckee and to Dave in Beijing, and to Elizabeth and Christina and to Tim's mother who made us all laugh when we had supper there last Sunday night. Loved that milanesa.

And a big hug to Florence Most and to Melissa and Mary who are helping their mom in so many ways.

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