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Saturday Shout Out

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  • 2006 Aug 19

A big Saturday shout out to Alan, BJ, Linda, David Langerfeld, and the 33 others from the Tupelo area who are currently on a medical missions trip to Ecuador. They are serving in the mountains south of Quito, not far from the volcano that erupted several days ago. As Nick said, "It sounds like their trip is going to be a blast." God willing, they will return a week from today. Stay safe, and we'll see you next weekend.

And a big Saturday shout out to Eric and Paul Rubio, Bob and Jean Boerman, Inez Horton of Ecru, MS, Mark Bailey and Greg Hatteberg of Dallas Seminary, Russell, Lauren and Mason Kozak, and to Katie who liked the roses Kenny gave her on their first date, to Jeremy who's been taking of Alan's dog Jake while he's in Ecuador, to Dr. Glen Clifton who has been preaching the gospel for more than 50 years, and Al Allen, Mahla Keshmiri, Shawn & Cheryl Summers, Todd Black, Dean Dehnel, Jim and Anne Mattson in Minneapolis, Jim Menzies in Wakefield, RI, Frank Biles in Baytown, TX, Jim and Arlyn Reed in NJ, Elizabeth Morris, Larry and Linda Burk, Brian Davis, Pastor Art Jackson in Oak Park, IL, Mike & Fran Van Bruggen as they move from MI to NY, Angie Thomas whom we ran into at the Red Robin in Wheaton, Gary "The V Man" of WMCA in NJ, Howard and Judy Yorke in Mansfield Center, CT, Jeanne Fruh, and a get-well-soon shout out to Stephanie Eisner in NC, Paul and Joan Sturgis in PA, Dr. Tom Standlee of Reno, NV, Carlos and Artemis Pinto in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Larry and Cindi Bollback in Pottersville, NY, Dorothy Weckel, and always, always a big shout out to Leah's parents and our dear friends, Blanche and George Thayer of Halifax, VT.

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