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Saturday Shout Out

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  • 2006 Sep 09

A big Saturday shout out to Dave and Anita Eger, Ryan and Michelle Williamson, Chris and Jeanie Brown, Doug Armbrecht, Marshall Wick, Pastor Greg and Marcia Lanzen, Pastor Jim and Becky Shrock, Don Todd, Terry White, Melinda Toler, Nikki Grubb, Dawn Merrit, Laura Smith in Lancaster, PA, Abby Cramton who had a fantastic summer in Mexico, to my niece Megan Pritchard somewhere in France and to Kathleen who is a freshman at Wafe Forest, Susan Burby in Columbus, OH, N ick and John Mark and Thomas and Brad and Josh and Jason and all the gang (that definitely includes Rachel Glancy at Samford, Don and Nancy Hoy, Mark Folden in San Jose, CA, Darrell and Betty Watson in San Jose, CA, Nancy Deese in Olalla, WA, Larry Hoekstra in Hawthorne, NJ, Julie Szczesny, Pastor Ron Allen in Canada, Teresa Lee in Temple, TX, Roger and Diane Brown in Belden, MS, Georg & Patricia Rupprecht in Voorheesville, NY, Tom and Sharon Gipson in TX, Andy and Alice McQuitty in Irving, TX, Howard and Morel Harvey in Nashville, TN, Nicko and Steve who helped me out this week, John Carolan, Pastor Richard Mellette in Quebec, and a special shout out to Tom and Karen Hawkins who have a dog that is half doberman, one quarter beagle and one quarter cocker spaniel. Is that even legal? And a shout out to my buddy Peter Odanga from Kenya who is in the States for a few weeks.

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