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Sex and the Single Guy

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  • 2005 Dec 01

7:13 AM While preparing for my interview in Spartanburg yesterday, I met a most impressive young man who has written a new book called Sex and the Single Guy. Among other things Joe Knable is single, 22 years old, a recent college graduate, and a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force. He told me that he wrote this book to as a wake-up call to tell single men that they can live pure lives right now. Too many books like this are written by married guy whose testimony is basically, "I was promiscuous, then I got married and I still struggled, but now I have found victory, and you can too." Joe wants young men to know that God's Word provides the pathway and the power for living a pure life in a very impure world. I found him to be thoughtful, articulate, forceful, determined, and very honest about his own struggles in this area. Every Christian man, married or single, would profit by reading his book.

7:07 AM John Fountain shares his faith in a moving article called The God Who Embraced Me. As part of the same "This I Believe" series, Penn Jillette declares There Is No God, but he's wrong about that. William F. Buckley answers the question, How Is it Possible to Believe in God?.

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