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Stealth Attack Study Guide

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  • 2007 Jul 25

In late April Moody Publishers released Stealth Attack, my new book on spiritual warfare in an age of terror. Soon after the book came out, we decided to add a study guide to make the book more useful for personal study, small groups and for Sunday School classes. Brian Bill wrote most of the questions. Steve Pederson added a few more. I wrote the chapter introductions, and the “Truth to Remember,” “A Fighter Verse to Memorize,” and the “Going Deeper in the Word.” That last part opened my eyes again to how important the whole issue of spiritual warfare is to a proper understanding of the Bible. I gained a great deal by surveying many passages of Scripture to see how much the Bible says about the struggle between good and evil that has been going on since Lucifer’s original rebellion against the Most High. You really can’t understand why things are the way they are unless you have some grasp of the spiritual warfare going on all around us–seen and unseen.  

Now we have an extensive study guide for Stealth Attack that is free for downloading. When I say “extensive,” I mean it’s more than just a few questions. The Study Guide runs to 38 pages and contains extensive chapter summaries that correlate with the book. If you have a copy of Stealth Attack, this will enable you to use it more effectively. However, you don’t need the book in order to use the study guide. This is really a study guide on the whole topic of spiritual warfare. Feel free to use this material for personal study, small group study, Sunday School classes, or in any way that will be helpful to you.

At the end of the study guide, we have included links to numerous sermons on the Keep Believing website that delve further into issues relating to spiritual warfare. We’ve also included a section called “Additional Resources for Further Study” with links to 12 other books on spiritual warfare by writers such as Erwin Lutzer, Mark Bubeck, Chip Ingram,  Donald Grey Barnhouse, Kay Arthur and Tony Evans.

Click on this link to download the study guide:

Stealth Attack Study Guide (pdf)

Thanks for reading this study guide. Let us know how God uses it in your life and ministry.

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