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Thank You, Delta Airlines

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
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  • 2005 Jan 07

It's been a pretty good day all around, but I'm ending it where I started it--sitting at my computer thinking about Delta Airlines. This week Delta announced major major fare cuts that led to a wave of price cuts by other airlines. Next month my wife and I are flying to Albany, New York for a week. In the past I have usually found good fares on United, but this week all the non-stops from Chicago to Albany were over $630 roundtrip. I spent several days checking various sites, and found that we could do it for around $240 dollars if we were willing to make one stop (Atlanta, Washington, Cincinnati) and change planes. That significantly lengthened the flying time both ways. Since we're leaving on another trip next week, I decided yesterday to go ahead and buy one of those lower fares even though the schedule was not very convenient. Then at 1 AM I happened to check the fares and discovered that United was still over $630 but American had dropped the nonstop roundtrip fare all the way to $233. So I made my reservations on the spot.

I figure Delta Airlines saved me around $800. I haven't flown Delta in a while, but I'm going to give them some business the next chance I get. Like I said, it's been a good day and the best part started in the middle of the night.

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