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  • 2004 Jul 15

I ate lunch on Tuesday with Will Austin, a young man from Indianapolis who has a vision to provide low-cost transportation for developing countries. He wants to produce the "Model T of the 21st Century." He purchases wrecked pickup trucks, cuts off the front, keeps part of the frame and the bed, hooks it up to a lawnmower motor, and the result is called a BUV--Basic Utility Vehicle. It's a three-wheeled device that carries 1000 pounds, goes up to 20 mph, and gets 75 miles per gallon of gas. Best of all, it costs $1000-1500 to make. He envisions thousands of microbusinesses in places like Ghana and Haiti where workers assemble BUVs from the parts on hand. Click here to visit his website. It's a wonderful idea that could bring transportation to people who could never afford to buy a car. It's refreshing to meet a young man who could be using his talents to amass a fortune, but instead has devoted himself to helping the poor. May God bless the BUV and send it around the world.


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