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The Couples Retreat

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  • 2006 Apr 08

9:58 PM The couples retreat seemed to go very well. I spoke three times, on "Respect: The Foundation of a Strong Marriage," "A Judgmental Spirit: The Enemy of a Happy Marriage," and "Commitment: The Key to a Lasting Marriage." There was lots of chatter and laughter before and after the sessions, and a good bit of give-and-take during my talks. I hadn't done a couples conference in almost twenty years so it was fun for Marlene and me to be there. Afterwards we went out with Phil and Karen Newton for lunch and spent several hours laughing and talking and sharing stories together.

9:55 PM The first sermon in the new series "Understanding God's Plan" from Romans 9-11 is now online:

The Value or a Broken Heart (Romans 9:1-5)


7:40 AM Chuck Colson says we are Soothing Ourselves to Death. He's right.

7:24 AM A big Saturday morning shout out to Pastor Ralph Wingate of Calvary Baptist Church in Normal, IL, Pastor Greg Roberts of Indian Springs Baptist Church in Tallahassee, FL, Megan Kropp, Vernon Lockner, D.R. and Lainna Callentine, Stacy Lynn Harp in CA, Kim Matthews, Kelly Pena, Ron Lambros in Atlanta, Butch and Cherri Henderson in Chelsea, AL, Pastor Jason Woolever in Pontiac, IL, Pastor Sanghun Kim, Andy Anderson in Louisville, James and Margaret Warner, Rich and Carol Bonham in Germany, David Weiser at WYLL, Rob Quick in Queensland, Australia, Don Todd in Michigan, Neal Joseph from Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN, Linda Corcoran, Dwight and Betty Nelson, a heartfelt get well soon to Marge Utigard, Peter Bogert, Lorna Koskela at the Baltic Methodist Seminary in Tallinn, Estonia, Michael Swanson, Clifford Levitt, Tom Hammond, Pastor John Foles at the First Baptist Church of Carbon Hill, AL, Dr. A. S. Hodel of Auburn University, and a heartfelt get well soon to Marge Utigard.

7:23 AM Don Gerig sent a link to the Mississippi Squirrel Revival by Ray Stevens.

7:21 AM Anthony Bollback has posted the April issue of China Clippings.

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