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The Most Important Fact About the Election

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  • 2004 Nov 03

Just listened to Katie Couric mention that for Bush voters, the number issue was the war on terrorism, and the second most important issue was what she called "moral concerns." That translates into abortion and gay marriage. To be sure, it's more than that, but it's not less than that. This is heartening because it means that evangelical Christians came out in great numbers, and it means they were joined by millions of conservative Catholics and others cultural conservatives.

President Bush is more likeable than John Kerry.

He is more trustworthy than John Kerry.

It is difficult to defeat a wartime president.
The Republicans had a better get out of the vote effort.

All those things are true. But I listened to Mike Barnicle tell Don Imus a few moments ago that people are unhappy with the cultural changes in America. They don't want to change the definition of marriage. In his words, they don't like it when someone is dunked in the river and comes up praising Jesus and then is ridiculed by others.

Churchgoing, conservative Christians made the difference in the election.

I hope the president remembers who helped him stay in office for another four years.

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