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The Tunnel of Chaos

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  • 2004 Oct 22

Friday Afternoon


Dear Friend,


I want you to know that I smiled when I read you note. The smile came because I can sense your heart and your love for God as I read your words. I want you to know that I don’t have a way to sort out the jumble of things and all the emotions you feel at the moment. So let me pass along something that I heard a few years ago and have found to be absolutely true. From time to time we all go through a “tunnel of chaos.” It may be caused by a job change, a relationship change, a health issue, a family crisis. It could be anything. I imagine it like one of those roller coaster rides where you are in the sun and the coaster is moving slowly and life is just breezing along, then suddenly and without warning, the coaster jerks, you feel like you’re falling out of the ride, and the roller coaster is zipping this way and that and it seem to be going so fast you can’t possibly survive the ride. And then suddenly it begins to slow down and you realize the ride is over.

Something like that has happened to you. The roller coaster of your life has taken a sharp turn and now your emotions are running high and it seems like all the things you had figured out are up in the air. Here’s my advice: When you are in the tunnel of chaos, the only real mistake is to try to get off the ride too soon. Hold on to what you are and to who you are. Hold on to your faith in Jesus Christ and hold on to your commitment to serve him. Right now you’re thinking about what you should do about this person in your life, and should you stay where you or should you be somewhere else. And I would say that I don’t have answers to any of that, but now is the worst time to try to figure it out yourself. I like to tell people, When you need to know, you’ll know. Right now you don’t need to know the final answer about any of the pressing questions. Since you’re in the tunnel, sit back and enjoy the ride as best you can. It won’t last forever. Right now thing are unclear. But soon enough, the ride will come to an end, and you will have an assurance and certainty that you don’t have at the moment.


I think you are in a good place even though it may not feel like that. You are a person of faith and character and godly desire. That comes through in what you write. Hang on to the coaster as you careen through the tunnel. Keep believing. When this period has come to an end, you’ll see things more clearly than you do now.


God bless you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Ray Pritchard

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