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Time to Go to China

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
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  • 2006 Jan 14

7:13 PM The weather in Buffalo changed dramatically overnight. A cold front hit, dropping temps into the low 20s. The day started with rain that turned to blowing snow and ice. The low tonight should be around 17, which is good preparation for China weather.

7:06 PM Last year I made a list of all the last-second things that had to be done before leaving for China the next day. In checking that list this year, several of the items no longer apply. But I still have to make sure the computer is ready and that I pack my reading glasses. We already have our travel documents (photocopied in duplicate) and the emergency address list and our clothes are packed since I'm in Buffalo and Marlene is in Chicago. Ken Mortensen is picking me up at 4:45 to take me to the airport. Josh and Marlene will pick me up, we'll eat a quick breakfast, and then head to O'Hare Airport for the noon flight to Beijing. We're basically ready. It's time to go to China.

6:50 PM A big Saturday shout out to the Victory Ensemble from Word of Life Bible Institute. The nine students in the ensemble did a super job of providing special music during the seminar this weekend. And a shout out also to Emma Benno, Dawn Olson, Tim and Elsa McKee, Leah Thayer, Justin and Jamie Olson, Christine and Morgan Stout, John and Pam Collins of New Milford, PA, Cory & Corinn Fehr of Horrell NY, Ken and Vanessa Mortensen of Oakfield, NY, Rod and Jamie Whitney of West Seneca, NY, John and Linda Maynard of Amsterdam, NY. And a big shout out to Wentworth Pike in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada, Will McAllister in Russellville, AL, Alan Brown of Tupelo, MS, Pastor Bruce Main in Plano, IL and Kurt Goff in Las Vegas, NV.

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