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Time to Speak Out on Same-Sex Marriage

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  • 2004 Jun 24

Chuck Colson wonders why Christians aren't fighting same-sex marriage. I wonder the same thing. Colson offers two reasons why Christians aren't more involved. First, some don't see the importance of the issue. Pastors need to speak out on the biblical view of marriage so people can see the beauty of God's plan, and why manmade substitutes will not work. Second, Colson suggests that some Christians have become weary and discouraged by the culture wars. But slavery ended in England because men like Wilburforce labored against the tide until the tide moved in another direction. Here is Colson's summation:

The Senate has, I’m happy to say, scheduled debate to begin the week of July 12. Maybe there aren’t the votes there this year to pass a constitutional amendment, but that’s no excuse not to start the fight. We need a great national debate so we can make our case. And maybe we’ll lose this year--maybe next year we’ll lose again. But we’ll come back year after year--until we win. Like the cause of abolition, our cause is just. And if we trust in God, I believe that during the coming public debates, the public will see this as a great defining issue. And when they do, the pressure will be on recalcitrant congressmen to come our way.

Colson is 100% correct.When pastors begin to speak out, Christians will become concerned. When the church is mobilized, our leaders will have to listen. The vote in congress comes up in just a few days. This is no time to despair. Now is the time for Christians to speak out.

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