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  • 2005 Nov 25

8:22 AM Two more books on the ever-growing pile, both of them biographies of Gladys Aylward, the courageous missionary to China who led hundreds of children through the mountains to safety during World War II:


The Little Woman by Christine Hunter
The Small Woman by Alan Burgess

8:20 AM Just heard another rifle shot. It's going to be like that all weekend.

8:19 AM Congratulations to Jan and Samira Waanders on the birth of Noor Cicely last Friday.

8:18 AM I can tell deer hunting is full swing because I just heard a rifle shot from the property to the east. 

8:10 AM A big day-after-Thanksgiving shout out to Wayne, Betty and Megan Johnson and to Michael and Di Jones. Michael is the Vicar of All Saints Writtle, Essex, England. And a big shout out to Ken Pierpont, Rev. J. D. Tompkins of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, Dayna Reyes in Las Vegas, Tom and Karen Hawkins, Claudia Moreno, Nic and Keren Sperling, Pastor Hyatt, Tim and Nancy Jorgensen, Bill Heffley, Marvin Padgett, Paul and Phyllis Lavenau in Florida, Tony and Sylvia Buh, Wayne Kilpatrick in Birmingham, and to John O. Jones in Baltimore (or somewhere not far from there).

8:08 PM 2234 miles. Yesterday the weather was perfect--clear, blue skies, temps in the upper 60s. Before our big Thanksgiving feast, I rode 12 miles along the Natchez Trace Parkway. I just pulled my car off the road, unloaded my bike, and started riding. I turned off at Friendship Road and pedaled through the countryside.

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