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What If

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  • 2008 Mar 25

We have just posted a new sermon called What If. Here’s an excerpt:

Sometimes I hear well-meaning Christians say something like, “Even if it’s not true, it’s still better to be a Christian. Think of all the things you gain by being a Christian. You have Jesus in your heart.” No, you don’t!

If he is still in the tomb, you don’t have him in your heart.
If he is still in the tomb, you are just playing religious games.
If he is still in the tomb, it’s not better to be a Christian.

I have put it in stark terms because that’s how Paul puts it. He doesn’t want to play games, and neither do I. I don’t want to come to the end of my life and discover that I’ve preached something that isn’t true. And I don’t want to mislead others into thinking that something is true when it’s not. If Christ is still dead, then we deserve the pity of thoughtful men and women because we have believed a lie.

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