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What's a Shout Out?

  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
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  • 2006 Dec 09

Last night Duane Follman asked me to explain a "shout out." It's means to shout out "hello" to a friend. It's like when you're walking down a crowded street and see a friend on the other side so you raise your voice and shout out, "Hello!" to him. A shout out is a heartfelt Hello! to friends across the distance of cyberspace.

This morning I'd like to send a big, heartfelt shout out to all the friends who attended the first two KBM home meetings. This shout out goes to Amy Baker (see, I told you I would!), Nicole Hendricks, Kim Bosgraf (we still have room on the Holy Land tour.), Heather Bosgraf, Paul and Kathy Brush, Chris and Kara Jones, Mollie Hamilton, Derek and Deneen Taylor, Michelle Hoekstra and Jason and Amber Cuzzen.

And a huge shout out and hug and thank you to Josh and Leah for opening their apartment and for the wonderful meal Leah prepared and for the Christmas presents, including the fabulous Chicago Bears hoodie.

And then a big shout out to Duane and Holly Follman for hosting last night's gala event, and to Ben Follman for figuring out the Skype video on the big screen, and to Al and Phyllis Elliot, Frank and Lois Catrambone, Dick and Sharon Jahns, Steve and Sue Dammann, Cliff and Phyllis Raad who helped organize the whole event, Kris Sagan, Chris Keuer, Carolyn Kirschner, Steve and Rebecca Wilson and MaryAnn Spiegel.

And a super-sized shout out to Dave and Lynette Hoy who basically put their lives on hold this week so they could do KBM work more or less around the clock. The other day it was like a factory putting those packets together. They have sacrificed time and money and much energy and they have laughed through all of it. Thank you for hosting us and for it all possible.

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