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Freedom of Speech for Some at the University of Colorado

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  • Published Mar 09, 2005

Someone needs to redefine diversity for the Univesity of Colorado.  It seems their understanding of this hallowed liberal word is somewhat lacking.  Most people who follow the news have, by now heard of UOC professor Winston Churchill, who created a firestorm of controversy when he compared the 911 victims in the World Trade Center to "little Eichmanns."  He further stated that those who died were protecting America's "mighty engine of profit" and they died due to the "gallent sacrifices" of successful "combat teams."   He has since continued to offend the sensabilities of every American (while lining his pockets with fat honorariums) by standing by his outrageous statements on college campuses in Hawii and Wisconsin.

The University of Colorado hasn't decided what to do with Churchill but they are apparently much closer to deciding what to do about Professor Phil Mitchell.  Dr. Mitchell is on his way out and what are the offenses that have led to a discussion about his future?  He dared to quote the respected conservative intellectual Thomas Sowell, and he said the word "God" in his classroom.  For these haneous offeneses, Dr. Mitchell will not have his contract renewed because "his teaching is not up to department standards." 

Keep in mind Dr. Mitchell was the winner of the 1998 SOAR Award for teacher of the year.  He has taught at the Hallett Diversity Program for 24 straight semesters, and according to UOC colleague, William Wei, he is "a great person, a good teacher, and is highly regarded by his students."  Sounds like just the kind of person liberals love to hate....a person who is well credentialed, well respected, and widely recognized as a decent human being and a great teacher. 

But according to Dr. Mitchell, liberals are not the problem.  In an interview with Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi, Mitchell said, "People say liberals run the university.  I wish they did.  Most liberals understand the need for intellectual diversity.  It's the radical left that kills you."

Mitchell is right on.  Clear thinking, honest liberal intellectuals should be appalled by what is happening at the University of Colorado.  The radical left is making a mockery out of freedom of speech and they are practicing censorship that is based not so much on what was said but based on the political and religious beliefs of Dr. Phil Mitchell.   

If we are going to have fair and balanced political discourse in this country we must do something about the radical left agenda for college campuses.  Tenure cannot be a shield for tyranny.  If  the lefts definition of freedom of speech is going to be applied to Churchill that same definition must be extended to Mitchell. 

People who look at the world through the lens of the Christian Bible must realize we are in for the fight of our lives because absolute truth and objective moral standards have been replaced by situational ethics and subjective moral relativism.