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Historic Opportunity to Change the Supreme Court....Gone

Harriet Miers....President Bush promised to nominate someone cut from the mold of Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas and we get Harriet Miers.  I have no doubt she is a fine person.  I am sure she is a very capable lawyer and she probably will be a first-rate justice but one thing is for sure.  The President completely bypassed a historic opportunity to shift the direction of the Supreme Court for decades to come.  John Roberts was simply filling a seat held the reliably conservative Renquiest.  Harriet Miers will fill the seat previously occupied by Sandra Day O'Conner, who has been a reliable swing vote that nearly always swung to the left. 

What we appear to have in Harriet Miers is another swing vote.  Instead of choosing from the considerable pool of truly conservative jurists who have diligently worked their way to the top of the judical ladder for such a time as this, the President decided to throw a peace offering to the left.  He chose someone who comes highly recommended by none other than Senator Harry Reid (D-

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