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Kinsey's Legacy of Lies

Leave it to Hollywood to take the life story of the man who fired the first shot of the sexual revolution and elevate him to folk hero status.  "Kinsey" starring Liam Nesson, chronicles the perverted life of Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, the little known Indiana University zoologist whose book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, blew a gaping hole in the pre-sexual revolution culture of the 1940's. 

Kinsey's book was published on January 5, 1948 and it earned him the title, "the father of the sexual revolution."  In the five decades since the publication of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and its companion volume Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (published in 1953), our culture has been swept away in a cesspool tidal wave of pornography, homosexuality, and every other type of perverted sexual activity you can think of.  In fact, the highly respected National Research Council says the science of sex "can be divided somewhat crudely into the pre-Kinsey and post-Kinsey eras." 

In the early 1940's before Kinsey's mostly made up research made it into print, the divorce rate was barely into double digits.  Abortions were rare to the point of being almost non-exsistent and homosexuality was still considered to be deviant behavior by the American Psycholigical Association.  Pornography was available but compared to today, it was practically non-existent.  Today, pornography is a multi-billion dollar per year industry.  Pornographic magazines are no longer simply slid across sleazy counters concealed by plain brown wrappers.  Thanks to the internet, pornography now slithers right into millions of middle-class homes. 

Internet pornography has become a national epidemic and the number of adulterous affairs that begin in adult on-line chat rooms is skyrocketing.  Pornographic movies are now available in upscale hotel rooms with hotel chains like The Marriott and The Hilton raking in millions of dollars a year from peddling smut to everyone from business travelers to vacationers.  Network and cable television are nothing but 24 hour peep shows as programs like "Sex in the City," and "Desparate Housewives" soar to the top of the Nielson ratings. 

Child pornography has now moved from the backwater to the mainstream with over 100,000 websites now pumping out 24 hour illegal child pornography.  This onslaught of the sexualization of children is slowly but surely creeping into the everyday consciousness of our culture.  Child pornography is now a 3 billion dollar per year business and earlier this year, Nicole Kidman broke new ground in the mainstreaming of child sexuality.  In the movie, "Birth" Kidman plays the character Anna, a young widow who decides her dead husband now resides in the body of a 10 year old boy.  In one scene, the boy undresses and joins Kidman in the bathtub. 

How did we lose our collective, cultural minds so quickly?  It all goes back to Kinsey and his bogus research.  When Kinsey's so called research was released, the media and academic world acted as if a cure for cancer had been discovered.  Kinsey was lauded as a hero, a man who, by refusing to accept the sexual mores of America, which he saw as a holdover from the Puritan and Victorian age, set us free to explore the depths of our sexual selves.  This "freedom" has led to a generation in bondage to sexual perversion.  And perhaps the greatest tragedy, the sad and sordid punch line to this story, is that it has all been based on lies.

Kinsey claimed that the men of the World War II generation, who were throught to be pillars of sexual propriety, were actually indulging quite literally in the flesh.  According to Kinsey, 70 percent had sex with prostitutes and 85 percent has sex prior to marriage.

Perhaps most disburbing, Kinsey claimed 30-45 percent of married men has engaged in an extramarital affair and anywhere from 10 to 40 percent of men had participated in homosexual acts.  These bogus numbers are still touted today to bolster the homosexual rights movement.

All of these statistics would certainly be disturbing if any of them were true.  The fact fact is, in 1981 Dr. Judith Reisman began looking into Kinsey's research and Kinsey's life.  She discovered both were facades generated by a sympathetic media and countless academic institutions which shamelessly offered to cover for Kinsey's poor and even perverted research.  Instead of studying normal, well adjusted, emotionally stable men Kinsey studied convicted sex offenders, prisoners, and a cadre of assorted sexual perverts.  As disturbing as this is to assimilate, Kinsey actually experimented with children and infants to compile his "data."  He was personally, a sexual deviant whose supposed normal middle class life was actually a cover for his own personal disturbing sexual behavior.

So, here we are drowning in a sea of sex and we have Kinsey to thank for opening the floodgates.  Now we have Hollywood to thank for turning a pervert into a cultural hero.  God's Word has much to say about the dangers to and the future judgement of those who indulge in what it describes as "sin against our own bodies."  As born-again believers we must follow the prescription of the Apostle Paul to "flee sexual immorality (I Thessalonians 4:3).  A good place to start fleeing would be to flee from theaters that show "Kinsey" and expose him for the evil influencer he was. 

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