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Lisa Montgomery: Insane or Just in Sin?

The debate about Lisa Mongomery's sanity began about 10 minutes after it was discovered she had committed an unthinkable, heinous crime.  In case you have been visiting Mars or some other planet for the past month, let me bring you up to date on the nature of Lisa's crime.

She allegedly (although she has admitted to all of this) met Bobbie Jo Stinnett in an online chat room where they shared a passion for rat terriors.  After discovering Bobbie Jo was pregnant and about to deliver, Lisa Montgomery set up a metting, ostensibly to talk about the dogs.  At some point during the meeting, Lisa strangled Bobbie Jo and then proceeded to cut her almost-ready-to-be-born baby out of her womb.  She then, very calmly, began passing the baby off as hers.  In fact, Lisa managed to convince her husband, her family, and many in the Kansas City surburb of Melvern that everything was fine, she just simply had to run to the hospital for an emergency birth and now she had a beautiful baby girl.  Montgomery showed the baby to patrons of a local cafe and she even took the child to visit a pastor.

Apparently, Lisa Montgomery was pregnant and at some point, suffered a miscarriage.  Rather than explain what ha happened to her husband, she feigned pregnancy until the time was right for her to deliver, then hatched this plan to murder Bobby Jo and take her baby as her own.  It was the premeditated act of a predator, who first stalked, then lured Bobbie Jo Stinnett to her death.

Make no mistake....this is a horrible crime.  It so flies in the face of our collective sense of human behavior that we recoil in horror when we hear the sordid details.  What kind of person could possibly commit this kind of crime?  How could a person kill an innocent woman and then, with her body still warm, perform some kind of amateur caesarian section on her, snatch the baby and later claim it was hers all along?

For the Naturalist or the Secular Humanist the answer is Lisa Montgomery MUST be insane.  No normal human being who is in control of their mental faculities could possibly commit this crime.  This is what they said about Jeffery Dhamer, Susan Smith, and Andrea Yates.  To the Secular Humanist all of these monstrous murderers must be insane because according to their worldview; evil is merely the result of too little information or too much religion.