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Our World Desparately Needs Prayer

This Thursday, May 4 is the National Day of Prayer.  One look at the state of affairs in our country and around world reveals we may be in the most desparate need of prayer since the early days of the Civil War.  When you look here at home you see an immigration situation that is spiraling out of control.  You see energy prices creating an economic crisis in many homes.  You see a federal legislature paralyzed by poltical posturing that has become so bad our leaders seem powerless to address even the simplist issues.  Both Republicans and Democrats seem more interested in gaining a poltical advantange than seriously addressing the major issues of the day.

When you look at the world, the view doesn't get much better.  The United States is still trying to help the fledgling government of Iraq to take its first baby steps toward the task of governing their own affairs. 

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