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Searching for Truth in the Ashes of Postmodernism

Do you remember the days of Walter Cronkite and Eric Severide?  These men along with a host of others were icons of journalistic itegrity (at least, they were perceived as such) who nightly brought the hard facts of news into our living rooms.  People came to depend on the reassuring tones of news anchors in the 60's and 70's to help them process the disturbing events of the day.  They believed if they heard something on the evening news it was safe to believe it, thus leaving the viewer with a sense of security.

Those days are as unquestionably gone with the wind as a Margret Mitchell novel.  Relying on the accuracy of what I call the "news machine" is like owning a business in Atlanta on the day Sherman showed up....you are eventually going to get burned.  Today's news machines are cranking out stories that are more known for their asthetic value than their accuracy.  Ratings have replaced reliablity and sensationanlism has replaced

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