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Talk Radio Needs A Good Dose of Patience

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  • Updated May 29, 2006

I cut my teeth on talk radio just two short years after Rush Limbaugh made his national debute.  I was hooked from the very beginning.  I was hearing ideas and ways of thinking I thought were long dead and buried.  When the door opened for me to host my own talk radio program from a Christian perspective I jumped at the chance and I have never looked back.  Getting up at dawn thirty has become a natural part of my llife and l love taking the issues of the day to the airwaves.

But sometime during the last two years or so, conservative talk radio began to sink into a deep pool of negativism.  President Bush, long hated by the majority of the mainstream media, has now become the conservative talk radio whipping boy for everything from the percieved lack of progress in Iraq to the Dubai ports deal.  Rather than having a serious conversation about the huge problems that are challenging us today and looking for reasonable solutions