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The Left Loses It Over Arizona's Immigration Law

Attorney General Eric Holder hasn't read it but he wants to sue over it.  Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner thinks it can be compared to the human rights abuses of the brutal Chinese Communist Government.  Chicago School District 113 Superintendent George Fornero banned the Highland Park girl's basketball team from traveling to Arizona citing "safety concerns" while admitting the Arizona immigration law "would not be aligned with our beliefs and values."  How much more dangerous can it be to travel to Arizona than to travel to a gym on the south side of Chicago?  How can Highland Park school officials keep a straight face when
they say they are worried about the safety of the players when the District has approved trips overseas? 


What about the Miss USA pageant?  Was it mere coincidence that Miss Oklahoma, Morgan Elizabeth Woolard defended the idea of states rights, acknowledged Arizona's right to pass a tough immigration law, and wound up first runner up? If former Miss USA Carrie Prejean could start a politically correct brush fire by defending marriage do you really think the judges would award the title to someone who supported Arizona's immigration law?


Those who read the Arizona immigration law will quickly see that the flap it has created is a based on lies about its content.  The law specifically bans racial profiling by insisting that immigration violations can only be enforced if they are discovered while police are investigating another type of violation.  The law is patterned closely after Federal immigration law and in a sane world; it would not even raise a ripple of concern. But since the Obama Administration is firmly double-parked in the twilight zone it has become fashionable to boycott the state because of imaginary human rights violations. 


The federal government has absolutely abandoned its responsibility to secure our borders and protect our citizens from what amounts to an invasion.  Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions pour across the Mexican border every year and the government does next to nothing to stop the flood. Well-armed drug dealers have turned Phoenix into the kidnap capital of America.  People in Arizona leave their homes to go on vacation only to return to discover their homes have been taken over by illegal aliens and drug dealers.  By passing a strict immigration law, the people of Arizona were trying to protect themselves and their property while also trying to avoid the financial chaos of California.  A huge part of California's financial problems stem from the state's complete refusal to do anything to stem the rising flood of red ink that is being generated by the cost of endless entitlement programs offered to non-citizens. 


Researchers at The Federation for American Immigration Reform released data this week that shows the cost of illegal immigration in Arizona has been climbing for years in several categories.  Costs related to incarceration, education, healthcare, welfare, and the justice system add up to a whopping $2.7 billion dollars.  Which means not only are Arizona taxpayers on the hook for an obscene amount of money, they are also most certainly going to see their taxes rise sharply to compensate for the added expense. 


The people of Arizona should have the right to address a serious problem in their own back yard.  The Arizona law doesn't promote racial profiling and it absolutely does nothing to abuse anyone's civil rights.  The most outrageous response yet to the Arizona law came from Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner, who essentially apologized to the Chinese for the human rights abuse that rises from the law.  Imagine an American official apologizing to the butchers of Beijing for human rights violations in the United States.  The terrorists of Tiananmen Square must have been laughing themselves silly at the sight of some second rate American official comparing the Arizona law to a government that runs over its own citizens with tanks. 


Well over sixty-percent of the American people approve of the Arizona law and nine states are currently debating adding a similar law in their own state.  The boycotts that sprung up like mushrooms after a summer rain have so far had little effect on the Arizonan economy.  The most damaging effect seems to be an estimated $10 million loss in tourism due to the cancellation of 23 scheduled events.  The best way to offer support for Arizona would be for supporters of the law to immediately schedule their meetings there.  And by the way, shame on the Republican National Committee for missing an opportunity to support Arizona by scheduling their 2012 convention in Tampa.  Republicans should demand the party rethink its decision and switch the convention to Arizona as a show of support for states rights and stronger immigration laws. 


Lawmakers in Arizona deserve better than boycotts and the back of the nations hand.  They should be praised and rewarded for having been bold enough to do the right thing.  Let the political left have their hissy fit…the rest of America is ready to stand with the people of Arizona. 

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