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Why Roe Must Go

We are fast approaching another grim anniversary of one of the most outrageous and morally bankrupt Supreme Court decisions of the 20th century.  Of course, I am referring to the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision which history records as having been rendered on January 22, 1973. 

As in previous years, I have spoken in several different forums and I have written as many words as possible to try to win the hearts of the undecided and the committed pro-choice advocates to the side of moral sanity.  My daily radio program rings with the words of legislators, laymen, educators, and pastors all decrying the death of the innocent unborn and the murder of the aged and infirm, who society has decided no longer enjoys a "quality of life" or who can no longer contribute to that society in a meaningful way.  Yet to what end?  Sometimes I feel like a madman baying at the moon or barking up the wrong proverbial tree.  We march, preach, sing, cry, pray, chant, carry signs, elect pro-life legislators, see the appointment of supposedly pro-life judges, and still the macabre parade of women marching into child killing centers continues.

But there is some good news we can celebrate as January 22 approaches.  Stunning breakthroughs in ultrasound technology are allowing mothers to peer deeper into the womb, unveiling the mystery of life with more clarity and at an earlier time in the pregnancy than ever before.  The horrendous murder of Laci Peterson and her pre-born son, Conner and the subsequent high profile prosecution and conviction of Scott Peterson for BOTH deaths brought the issue of when life begins into every living room, and ultimately into the halls of the Congress.  Congress passed and President Bush signed into law the Unborn Victims of Violence Act or Laci and Conner's Law. What began as a senseless tragedy at least ended with justice with the silver lining of a new law that might protect the lives of other women and children.

Analysis of recent polling data suggests pro-life advocates are slowly but surely winning the hearts and minds of the population.  A recent CNN/USA Today Gallup Poll asked if abortion was homicide and 52 percent of Americans answered yes.  The poll also asked in a very straightforward manner if abortion was morally wrong.  The answer was a resounding and encouraging yes from 72 percent of those polled.

More encouraging news comes from the young adults, a generation long thought to be firmly ensconced on the pro-choice side of the ledger.  Trusted pollster John Zogby found a surprising number of young American adults who identify themselves as pro-life with as many as 79 percent agreeing that abortion should be illegal in some circumstances. 

All of this suggests that our labor for the sake of the most innocent of our society has not been in vain.  If these trends continue, we may well see the end of legalized abortion before too many more years of senseless death march across history. 

Because of the trouncing they took in the general election in November, many Democrats are looking for ways to at least appear to be more pro-life.  Of course you have the Democrat dinosaurs like Senator Ted Kennedy who recently appeared on "Hardball" with Chris Matthews calling for more support for abortion.  But Senator Kennedy's archaic understanding of the changing mindset of the American electorate when it comes to abortion if not extinct, is certainly on the endangered species list of ideas.

But all this good news for Christian pro-life advocates cannot and must not lead us into a state of  pro-life lethargy.  Roe vs. Wade is still the law of the land.  Everyday in America, another 3 to 4 thousand innocent babies die.  The echo effect of abortion sound throughout the senior adult population as doctors in countries around the world are being given more and more authority by the courts to make life and death decisions concerning the young who are disabled and the old who are infirm.  Embryonic stem cell research is roaring ahead with private funding allowing who knows how may humans beings to be sacrificed on the altar of scientific expediency.  All because some scientists continue to insist embryonic stem cells are the holy grail of regenerative therapy when all the truly miraculous breakthroughs are coming from adult stem cell research.

As we approach the 31st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade life literally hangs in the balance in America.  On one side of the cultural scale we see the humanist view of the value of life which is fueled by a survival of the fittest fanaticism and grounded in Darwinist evolution.  It plainly states that since we are here by accident at worst or by chance at best, life is expendable at both its beginning and end if it advances the so-called greater good of humanity.  On the other side, we see the biblical Christian worldview which sees all life from conception to consummation as a precious miracle of God's grace.  Every life is a gift from God that has a purpose in eternity in God's sight.  Life is worth defending with every fiber of our being and with every resource at our command until Roe vs. Wade is relegated to the trash heap of historically moral destitute ideas. 

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