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Will the London Bombings Reawaken our Outrage?

  • Tony Beam Dr. Tony Beam's Weblog
  • Published Jul 13, 2005

Support for the war in Iraq and for the war on terror has been in public approval freefall since January.  The consistent drumbeat of the anti-war crowd which echoes through our culture carried on the wind of leftist pundits, political opportunists, and even some very misguided people on the right, is beginning to affect the attitude of the American people. 

Every mainstream news broadcast highlights the successful and horrendous attacks on coalition soldiers and everyday citizens in Iraq.  You can almost hear the "I told you so" tone in many reporters' voices as they report the latest death toll or car bomb attack.  Accompanying every piece of negative news we hear the mantra of "failure in the war on terror" the left in this country is so eager to preach.