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Another Publisher Investigates Books By Mark Driscoll

In the afternmath of the controversy over citations in books by Mark Driscoll, another Christian publisher is conducting a review of Driscoll’s books. Yesterday, Becky Garrison reported at Religion Dispatches that publisher Crossway is conducting an internal review of Mark Driscoll’s books to ensure “proper citation and documentation.” That is the same thing Crossway told me when I asked about articles I posted on my personal blog about Death By Love, a book authored by Driscoll and Gerry Breshears and published by Crossway.

I contacted Crossway’s Executive Director of Marketing James Kinnard for comment  about  prior  posts  regarding Death By Love. In reply, Kinnard wrote:

"I assure you we are in touch with Mars Hill and are conducting an internal review to ensure that our books published by Mark Driscoll have proper citation and documentation."

I also reached out to Driscoll via Mars Hill and his co-author Gerry Breshears. Mars Hill did not reply but Breshears pointed me to Driscoll’s recent apology concerning his book on Peter, but declined to comment further on other instances which have been raised.

Driscoll has published nine books with Crossway, three of which are out of print.

In her RD article, Garrison asks pointed questions about how Tyndale House has addressed the controversy as compared to how secular media have handled similar situations. Head on over to RD and give it a read.

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