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Philadeliphia Biblical University rejects Martin Ssempa's crusade

Philadelphia Biblical University wants the world to know that Martin Ssempa did not learn his attitudes toward gays at their school. They posted the following statement on their website, and on their Facebook page.

Recently, Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa made statements concerning public policy regarding homosexuals in that nation. Philadelphia Biblical University (PBU) categorically condemns any position that calls for violence against human beings created in the image and likeness of God, or violent solutions to socially controversial issues. While PBU holds to a biblically defined position regarding human sexuality, to call for such action clearly violates the teaching of the Bible, and the principles and practices taught at PBU. Ssempa did earn a graduate degree from PBU in 1994. Ssempa also received an honorary degree from PBU in 2006 for his ministry of compassion to HIV/AIDS victims in his native land. The University was not aware at that time of Ssempa's recently expressed views. His present publicly stated position in no way represents or reflects the views of the University, its administration, or its faculty. It is our sincere hope that Christians would hold their convictions regarding homosexuality with a spirit of grace and compassion toward all human beings.

-From the University Administration

I am not aware of any public pressure on PBU to take this stance. That said, I can imagine that alums were concerned about the reputation of the University. PBU is a conservative evangelistic school with a solid reputation. It is striking and significant to see a school publicly address the actions of an alum in this manner. Facebook fans of PBU have commented positively about the stance, with one saying, "Thanks for taking this Christ-like stand PBU!"

Other institutions which are currently affiliated with Dr. Ssempa include Oral Robert University (he is on their Board of Reference) and Canyon Ridge Christian Church (supporting church). Other people and groups that have distanced themselves from Ssempa's crusade for Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill include Rick Warren, Wait Training and Teen Mania (see this post for additional details).

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